Thank you, stranger 

I am thankful to all of the “strangers of the internet”. Some days my greatest support comes from those who have never met me or gained anything from me. Thank you. I have started to add references on my Links┬ápage to you.


Picture taken at the annual “Running of the Gnomes“, a charity event that happens in the online game World of Warcraft, created and organized by players, supported by a legion of “strangers”

Hello, stranger!
Some days that is all that I need.

How are you doing?
You can be truthful, because you do not know what I expect to hear,
and well, you also do not know me
we don’t work together or live together
no need to fire out that automatic “doing good, and you?”

I sit back and watch this game you play, stranger
It is one of those jump scare ones I can’t stand to play
but the story, I love the dark stories
couldn’t it just be a book instead so that I could remain alone?

Hey, stranger, someone on your chat brought up something funny
I answer this other stranger, we chat
It is a late 90’s chat all over again

Hello again, stranger
Awkward, you just greeted me. You remembered me?
I remember that person in chat too… and the other…
Can we still be just strangers? I prefer it that way

It is a different game today. You seem downcast today, stranger
Here, have a colorful little picture
a compliment on your hair
was that your pet just now in the background?
You are not alone, stranger

I spend the past hour reading
All this information and emotion, written by another stranger
Making me feel connected, but still free
Nothing is attached, but yet connected

A video guide from the other side of the world
I just learned to improve a skill for free
I leave a simple comment, and you greet me back with a cheer

I care about you, my favorite strangers
You do me good, and I wish to do the same
Not that you demand that, or expect that
It just is
Some days that is all that I need