This blog is my space to share my ideas out there, where “out there” is enough to be out of my head. Many ideas sound different when they have to be spoken out loud, or written down, since we cannot use the same short cuts of abstract thought. While I could write in a notepad and leave it be, I also want to get in touch with other people and casually chat about my interests: mental health, art, videogames, animals.

“Sunshine and Demons” comes from my battles with mental health. It is not just about good days and bad days, but about how mixed it gets. It is about getting those demons sunburned, because they won’t leave, so I’ll drag them to the sunlight with me anyway. It also is about looking for shade when that light is too much, cuddling up and accepting that the demons will have their turn to express themselves.

I am a female born in 1986 in Brazil, living in the Midwest of USA.