animal crossingIt continues. I had hope that a week home would magically break the cycle, but no. Sent a message to my doctor, and made it clear I am afraid to mess with changing meds, for her to consider if this could be something else.

Lethargic, slow, and apathetic. No reason. I feel like curling up like a cat in this chair. It was a lot of effort to keep a nice “pleasant landscape face” during lunch with colleagues. I thought that would lift up my mood but it did not.

When I do fall asleep sitting up I have these pieces of dreams. How can I reach that phase of sleep so quick? It’s scary how I can just go away sleeping like that.


13 thoughts on “Drowsy

      1. Aww no 😣 I really hope you feel better soon. Google really is your worst enemy when you feel like this mate.

        I don’t think the fact that the start of January is shit will be helping.

        Did you mention you’re playing final fantasy now? Do you have the energy for that? πŸ™‚

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      2. Yeah 35 more years before I can retire. Unless we get hit by the apocalypse, etc. I got the game and had this character from the trial period. I couldn’t even set up the UI before I got tired. All I can play are easy games atm, which is me finishing Persona 5, a game that is 60% watching the story. Left a voice message to the Dr, hopefully they answer that one.


      3. Oh man don’t bloody start stating retirement years πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it’s like 70 or something in the UK. So I’m 39 away 😭

        I wouldn’t mind an apocalypse to be fair. I’ve always thought I’d do good in one. Scavenging, defending a base etc. Do you know any ‘preppers’?

        I hope they do πŸ™‚


      4. We had a “prepper” store in town that closed already. I like hot showers too much to fantasize of those scenarios. I had many apocalypse dreams before the meds though. Doctor answered, but didn’t give me a solution, just that isn’t this and that, that it is an unusual side effect, and that it is probably uncontrolled depression, or the meds. Bye. What now? 😐 guess I will wait till Monday.

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      5. ah haha I’d love to hang out with a prepper family for a bit. Always watch them on telly. Yeah, cold showers wouldn’t be that fun…But building a wall to keep out zombies would.

        Eugh. Really?! I’m sorry they didn’t really help 😦 What about doing something nice for yourself this weekend, like a selfcare type of thing? Obvs won’t make the symptoms go away but it might lift your mood a little until next week

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      6. Google massage and depression. If anything, just think how good to have those huntched over muscles stretched by a merciless professional until they are soft again. It does hurt on the shoulder ones, my most tense ones, but the feeling after it is awesome relaxing.


      7. Oh yeah I was counting how much art material and videogames I could have bought with that massage! Materialist values versus self care it tough. What a great idea to see if health insurance could cover this πŸ˜€

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